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Meet the Staff of Car & Quest

Amer Sultan - Owner and President

(407) 629-5100   CarandQuest@gmail.com

When I created this company 26 years ago, I was young and ambitious, looking for the next big invention. I had just moved to Central Florida in 1987 and was looking for a vehicle to purchase. I went around to the local car lots and repeatedly was confronted with rude over the top aggressive salesman. Not one sales representative knew their information. They all preached they had the best product, and the best deal, yet all I heard were lies. After several days of searching I was exhausted of the sales tactics and exhausted at looking for cars. At that time I realized what Florida needed and so I started Car & Quest. This is a company that prides itself on renowned service and customer respect. We create a friendly, welcoming environment for you. We realize its not fun to shop from a car, so we make sure that your experience with us is smooth and enjoyable. Our vehicles are some of the cleanest in the market. We thoroughly inspect each one of our vehicles to make sure they stand to be the best of quality. Give us the opportunity to serve you in your car buying needs.

Rania Sultan - Operation Manager

(407) 629-5100   CarandQuest@gmail.com

Being part of a family owed business is a great experience. I learn a lot from my father and brothers, who all work here at Car & Quest. My father and mother have taught us the best in costumer service and to respect others around us. We try to do our best in making sure that every costumer who walks through our doors, leaves happy and satisfied.

Iash Sultan - Wholesale & Detailing Manager

407-629-5100   CarandQuest@gmail.com

Being the youngest in the family of five brothers and sisters, is never boring, but always a lot of fun. In this business we always learn every position, from detailing the car to representing a car to wholesaling a car. Working with my father and going to college is quite a good way to learn the ins and outs of a business. Right now my man focus is detailing the vehicle, but I am learning how to purchase vehicles to one day soon start buying for my fathers business. It is exciting and a rush to do so, but you must be careful when purchasing a vehicle because you always want to end up with a clean car but of course at a good price. Having my family around and being able to work hard but still enjoy the jokes and laughter with my brother and sisters is the best way to go.